The top causes of truck accidents and tips for avoidance

Truckers are required to go through the special training necessary to receive a commercial driver’s license. Despite, this, there are still a lot of accidents involving trucks in Tennessee that could be prevented through more cautious driving.

Traffic crash causes in Tennessee

 One thing drivers can do to prevent truck accidents is to be mindful of the most frequent causes of accidents for drivers of all vehicles. This way, drivers can be prepared and exercise greater caution in these situations. According to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, the number one most common cause of traffic accidents is improper following.

There were 33 accidents involving improper following in 2018, and the number is already at 57 for 2019. This is an especially important thing for truckers to be aware of, as due to the increased stopping time of large vehicles, they should practice an increased following distance.

Failure to yield right-of-way was the next biggest number, with 279 accidents in 2018 and 58 so far in 2019. Behind that is failure of drivers to keep in their lanes, which is something that wide semis with limited vision of adjacent lanes should be especially careful of.

What truckers can do

 Companies who employ truckers can help to reduce accidents by being more realistic with schedules and expectations, as according to, an overloaded schedule can lead to extra stress and fatigue. Truckers can also prevent accidents by regularly inspecting their vehicles and ensuring that all parts are in working order.

While many drivers do what they can to avoid accidents, when a large truck is involved, even a small error can result in devastating consequences. That is why truckers must take extra steps to protect themselves and other drivers.