Do you know how to drive around large trucks and stay safe?

It is not at all unusual to see large trucks barreling down the roads, highways and interstates of Tennessee. Unfortunately, it is also not unusual to hear of accidents between big trucks and smaller passenger vehicles.

To help keep you and other drivers safe, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offers tips on sharing the road with big trucks. Know how to stay out of trouble and avoid unnecessary accidents.

Pass trucks the right way

When you are ready to pass a big truck, do so from the correct lane. Also, pass as quickly as you can. Never swoop in front of a truck while going downhill, as inertia can lend bigger vehicles more momentum, which can trigger an accident if you are too close to a truck.

Be aware of blind spots

Every vehicle has blind spots, but those spots are larger for larger vehicles. Truck drivers only see you when you can look in their mirror and see them. Dart out of blind spots as quickly as possible.

Give trucks more than enough space

Never cut a truck off. Ever. Cutting off to pass too close can result in truck drivers not seeing you in front of them. If they do see you and have to brake, it takes more time and space for them to come to a complete stop, which can end in a fatal disaster.

Plan for wide turns

Whenever you see a truck about to make a turn or whenever you anticipate a turn, give them a wide berth. There is nothing wrong with taking this to the extreme, as truck drivers appreciate having more room than necessary to maneuver…and you will, too.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.