Can motorcyclists suffer from crush injuries?

Motorcyclists in Tennessee like you understand that you’re automatically at greater risk of injury than drivers in covered vehicles simply because of how exposed motorcycles are. But did you know that being a motorcyclist increases your chances of suffering from crush injuries?

According to MedlinePlus, a crush injury occurs when your body – or parts of it – end up compressed between solid surfaces. In the case of motorcycle or vehicular crashes, this usually entails your body being caught between another vehicle and the ground, or between two vehicles. Drivers in covered cars usually have to be pitched out of the vehicle to end up pinned. However, since you are on an open motorcycle, it is much easier for you to get pinned.

Crush injuries can have a myriad of dangerous side effects. They can result in broken or fractured bones, nerve damage, lacerations, bleeding and bruising. In particularly severe cases, oxygenated blood can be cut off from a pinned body part long enough for cell death to occur. Crush injuries have resulted in the amputation of arms, legs, hands, feet and other extremities.

The longer the pressure is applied and the higher it is, the worse the damage is, as well. High-pressure, long-lasting crush injuries can result in irreversible damage to the nerves, soft tissue, bones, and more.

If you have received a crush injury due to your involvement in a crash, consider the possibility of seeking financial compensation for the pain and suffering you have gone through. It can potentially help with the high medical bills you may be dealing with.