3 things you must do after an auto accident

While many things may be running through your mind after you get in a car accident in Tennessee, there are some things that you should always do. Your actions after such an incident could affect you financially and legally. It is vital to understand the appropriate actions to take right away. 

Selective.com explains that how you react after an accident will impact what happens with insurance and legal responsibilities going forward, so it is critical to try to stay calm and focused. You want to do three specific things at minimum after any type of motor vehicle accident, regardless of the seriousness. 

1. Gather information

As soon as possible, you need to begin gathering information about the other driver, the scene and any witnesses. Ideally, you should take pictures of everything, including both vehicles, the general area and the other driver’s insurance card and ID. You want to document as much as you can. 

2. Wait for law enforcement

You should contact law enforcement right away because you need a report for your insurance. Do not leave the scene until an officer tells you that you can. Sometimes, with damage-only accidents with no injuries, you will not have to stay around to wait for law enforcement to come to the scene. However, do double-check that you can leave if you have not spoken directly to an officer. 

3. Contact your insurance company

You should not put this off. Even if the accident is the other driver’s fault, you still must call your own insurer. When you talk with your agent, tell him or her the truth about everything. Relay all the information that you have about the other driver and the accident. 

If you do these three things, it can make the claims process and everything else much more manageable later. Make sure to commit them to memory just in case.