Traffic fatalities decline while juries continue to award damages

Data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that roadway fatalities decreased in Tennessee and throughout the U.S. The year 2018 ended with a 2.4% reduction in fatal vehicle accidents, as reported by The Trucker Newspaper’s website. It was the second year in a row that crashes resulted in a lesser number of deaths. While the statistics note a reduction in fatalities, collisions resulting in serious bodily injury, paralysis or permanent disabilities still occur regularly. Juries continue to award six-figure amounts for damages when personal injuries call for remedies.

According to the NHTSA, the modern design of motor vehicles along with new technology and safety features has played a role in reducing fatalities and avoiding collisions. Older vehicles, however, may not have updated tools such as cameras, warning systems and sensors to aid drivers in preventing highway accidents.

Older vehicle models reportedly still cause serious injuries

An accident near the Interstate 75 interchange involved two older vehicles and resulted in a motorist suffering serious spinal injuries. According to Land Line Magazine, a woman was driving a 2012 Honda Civic when a 2005 Volvo tractor-trailer rear-ended her.

While she slowed down in the left westbound lane of Interstate 24 to allow other vehicles to merge, the truck failed to stop and slammed into her car before the I-75 interchange. Allegedly, he followed behind her too closely and allowed himself to become distracted before the collision.

After the accident, the woman experienced soreness, discomfort and required surgery on her spine. A Tennessee jury held the company that employed the tractor-trailer driver 100% liable for the woman’s injuries and awarded her $2 million for her medical expenses, pain and suffering, permanent injuries and loss of enjoyment of life.