Cold temperatures, snow and pedestrian accidents

At any time of the year, the risk of a pedestrian accident is present. However, the winter months are very dangerous for multiple reasons. For example, heavy snowfall increases the risk of a pedestrian accident for various reasons, and our law office knows that many people are hurt or killed after they are struck by vehicles in the winter months. In this post, a few of the hazards associated with walking near traffic during this time of year are addressed.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, increased caution is necessary when weather conditions are poor since bad weather increases the likelihood of a pedestrian accident. For starters, drivers often have more difficulty seeing the road when it snows. Snow affects visibility in multiple ways, not only while it is falling but also as a result of accumulation on a car’s windshield and snowbanks created by plowing heavy snowfall. Moreover, drivers often have more difficulty controlling their vehicles when road conditions are poor as a result of snow or ice.

Aside from these concerns, there is often increased pedestrian activity during the winter. For example, someone who is shoveling a pathway to their mailbox or clearing snow on their driveway could face the risk of an accident, especially if they live on a relatively busy road. Additionally, pedestrians often have increased difficulty walking during the winter, not only due to bitter temperatures but maneuvering through heavy snow in some instances. Data from the NHTSA also shows that pedestrian accidents frequently occur when weather conditions are relatively stable, which highlights the importance of caution at all times.