Should you go to the doctor for road rash?

Tennessee motorcyclists have likely heard of or experienced “road rash” before. This is a wound that occurs when an abrasive surface scrubs layers of your skin away. With motorcyclists, the most common cause is falling from the bike. Today we will see how serious these wounds are. 

VeryWell Health examines road rash at different levels of severity. The most common level of severity is mild. Mild road rash still involves bleeding and damage to the skin. But it is often surface damage that may not scar. In fact, many cases of mild road rash are treatable at home. As long as you maintain proper care of the injury, first aid may be all you need. Some doctors may still suggest going to see a health professional at the start, though. They can clean the wound in an efficient and thorough way, ensuring there is no debris. This lowers your chance of infection. 

For any road rash that falls in the moderate or severe category, seeing a doctor is a must. These injuries may even put you in the hospital. Moderate road rash often involves injury to layers of tissue deep below the surface. This can include nerves and muscles. With severe road rash, victim’s lacerations extend down to the bone in some cases. 

These instances are prone to easy infection. They often scar. Some may result in disfigurement. Others need skin graft surgery to help fix, which is an intensive and painful process. The healing process in general is often drawn out. Without professional medical help, you risk even more complications.