Why are cars more likely to hit motorcycles?

Motorcycle accidents are prevalent on Tennessee roads. Likewise, a motorcycle accident with a passenger vehicle can be devastating for the motorcyclist. Not only are motorcycles smaller, but the driver has few protections against the elements. Even with the best gear and helmets, they may suffer catastrophic injuries. According to Science Daily, there may be a reason that passenger vehicles are more likely to hit a motorcycle. 

A startling truth that you may not know is that in some accidents, a driver will look in the direction of a motorcycle and in some cases will stare directly at the motorcycle but still pull directly in front of it. This has to do with how the brain processes important information. When you are driving, you are alert to a number of different hazards. You are dealing with a lot of sensory information and so your brain tries to block out what it deems unimportant. 

When it comes to motorcycles, studies show that motorcycles may be low on a person’s priority list when it comes to what is important. Studies showed that drivers are more likely to see a taxi than they are to see a motorcycle while driving. This blindness due to inattention may be the reason for motorcycle accidents. 

The study took adults and asked these adults to examine pictures that depict routine driving situations. They had to determine whether the image presented a safe driving condition or an unsafe driving condition. In the final picture, the researches manipulate the image and add an unexpected object. This object was either a taxi or a motorcycle. Almost half noticed neither object but over half did not detect the motorcycle.