Does new technology prevent truck accidents?

Commercial trucks present special dangers to other vehicles on the road because of their larger sizes and greater bulks. A collision with a truck may cause severe injury or even loss of life. To try to prevent these accidents from occurring, companies have been investing in new safety technology to assist truck drivers and alert them to collision dangers. 

These new technologies have proven effective, but they do not guarantee that they will prevent all accidents. A recent article from Work Truck explains how emerging technologies are improving trucker safety, as well as factors that still limit the effectiveness of the new tech. 

Alerting drivers 

Safety tech installed on trucks can alert truck drivers to possible collision dangers. One of the problems with big commercial trucks is their large blind spots. Sensors and cameras installed on trucks have helped truck drivers to know when a vehicle passes into their blind spots. Other safety measures help prevent trucks from going too fast or colliding with other vehicles or objects. Some tech also assists truckers by keeping their trucks from passing out of a lane. 

Training drivers 

The use of telematics technology allows companies to monitor the driving performance of their drivers. Telematics looks at how truck drivers operate their vehicles and identify behaviors that could cause an accident, like quick acceleration, speeding past speed limits, and sudden application of brakes. Telematics data can direct attention to these problems and help companies develop training programs to instruct their drivers to avoid high risk driving behaviors. 

Limits to safety tech 

However, advances in safety tech do not guarantee that they will prevent all accidents. Truck safety devices may experience problems in operation. Truck drivers should be aware of outside forces that can impede their safety devices, like dirt that may block truck cameras. Also, truck drivers may become complacent with the new technology after a while. Truckers may not pay attention to alerts or warnings and may show indifference to them.