What are the current motorcycle accident trends?

In 2017, almost 5,000 people died in motorcycle accidents. While the rate of motorcycle fatalities has gone down, according to Forbes, motorcyclists are still at a higher risk of death than other drivers. 

In order to continue to see a downward trend in motorcycle fatalities, it is crucial to understand what many motorcycle accidents have in common. The current trend of motorcycle accidents tends to involve drugs, alcohol, distractions and older riders. 

Older riders 

In the past, younger riders were, on average more likely to suffer from motorcycle fatalities. Now, the riding population is older. The average age of those killed on a motorcycle is 43 years old. In one third of all states, there is a majority of older riders involved in motorcycle accidents. With older riders, this could be a factor behind a lower fatality rate. 


Distractions make up a lot of motorcycle accidents. In fact, while the fatalities might be decreasing, there is an increase in fatalities due to distracted drivers. In 2018, twice as many riders died due to distractions than in 2017. 


About 25 percent of all motorcycle crashes happen due to alcohol. While drunk driving is dangerous for all drivers and a problem with motor vehicle crashes, it is especially prevalent among motorcyclists. In fact, motorcyclists have the highest percentage of drunk driving accidents. 


When it comes to drug impairment, the same rules apply to drugs as they do with alcohol. You cannot drive while impaired. However, many drivers do not always recognize that marijuana impairment is dangerous and leads to accidents.