Common reasons for big truck accidents

While all car accidents are usually unpleasant experiences, accidents involving big trucks are more likely to be fatal for people in passenger vehicles. Because large trucks weigh so much more than passenger vehicles, it is easy to understand why these accidents would be more deadly. 

We understand how the law works regarding big truck regulations and have helped many of our clients with their personal injury claims. Keep reading for more information on common causes of big truck accidents. 

Mechanical defects are the number one cause of accidents 

According to, a mechanical failure is most likely to cause an accident involving a big truck. This includes any issues with tires, brakes, wheels and truck defects. It seems that people incorrectly assume that drugs and alcohol play a large part in big truck accidents, but that is actually not the case. Statistically, less than 0.05% of all incidents concerning big trucks involve any sort of alcohol or drugs in the driver’s system. 

Fatigue contributes to big truck accidents as well 

It is no secret that truck drivers often suffer negative health effects from their occupation. Driver’s fatigue contributes to many big-truck crashes as companies push drivers to deliver goods as fast as possible. While there are rules in place to ensure that drivers take enough breaks to prevent driver’s fatigue, some drivers may push past the legal limits to make deliveries on time. This can lead to devastating accidents with fatal consequences. 

Aggressive driving is also cited as a reason for truck accidents, although less than 6% of big truck accidents report this as a cause. More information regarding this topic is available on our webpage.