Getting help for PTSD after a collision with a big truck

One minute you are driving along I-155 minding your own business, the next, there is screeching tires, the smell of burning rubber and pain. There is no time to prepare for a semi-truck accident on Tennessee roadways. When a big truck and a passenger vehicle collide, the results can be devastating. We often represent clients with catastrophic injuries from a big truck crash. 

According to Family Doctor, car accident victims who re-experience the trauma might suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder after the crash.  This disorder can impact your life and prevent you from moving forward. 

Normal post-accident feelings vs. PTSD 

If you sustained injuries in a traffic accident with a tractor-trailer or other commercial truck, you might re-live the crash in dreams, have difficulty getting into a car or cringe at normal highway sounds. However, over time, these reactions fade as part of a healthy recovery. For some people, the response intensifies over time, instead.  You may continue having nightmares, flashbacks, an ongoing feeling of uneasiness or refuse further medical testing or procedures. Instead of fading, these responses become stronger over time. 

PTSD treatment options 

PTSD is your brain coping with the unexpected trauma and the reality of the accident. Medical professionals can offer several different types of medications to help handle the effects of PTSD, such as the following: 

  • Mood stabilizers  
  • Anti-anxiety medications  
  • Antidepressants  
  • Antipsychotic drugs 

Your doctor may also recommend therapy to help you process the traumatic memories, identify patterns that contribute to your symptoms and help you face your fears. 

Medical care after a truck accident can take many forms. It may take weeks or years of treatment, both mental and physical, for you or a loved one to get back to a normal routine. Financial compensation can help you pay for medical expenses, recover lost wages and other necessities while you recover.