Thinking of taking the insurance offer?

Insurance companies exist to cover your losses in case of an emergency. They also exist for another very important reason: to make money. Do not make it easy for them. 

One of the ways that these companies make money is by paying the absolute minimum they have to. As a result, we often receive clients who are perilously close to excepting offers that fall well short of the minimum acceptable settlement. 

Understand the situation 

In a motor vehicle accident, especially one involving trucks or other commercial vehicles, you may have to work hard to understand the motives of everybody involved. However, there are a few general rules. For example: The parties responsible for your injuries would want to downplay their involvement to avoid paying up. 

Do your homework 

There is no substitute for specific data when it comes to getting what you deserve after an accident. If you have a serious condition, it is more than likely that the other parties would start by trying to use laughably generic financial data based on the general category of your injury, national statistics and so on. 

Your best chance at a fair shake is specificity. Your situation might uniquely affect your career, family and recovery going forward. The key is often predicting that hardship and backing it up with numbers. 

Maintain your position 

You are not asking for the world — just for responsible people to pay back what you lost. However, chances are that the other parties involved in your case would try to downplay the severity of your injuries, make you except lowball offers, shift blame or any number of underhanded tactics to frustrate, delay or disadvantage you. 

This kind of posturing and maneuvering changes nothing. Everyone still knows the truth: Your fact-based claim would still be reasonable from an objective perspective — the perspective of the court, for example. 

Insurance companies have hundreds of tactics to use against you. Early, lowball offers are certainly a popular example. More information about truck accident damages and compensation is available on our webpage.