Why should you replace car seats after a car accident?

Experiencing a car accident may leave you feeling anxious about driving again. Even more challenging is if your children also experienced the collision.

Overcoming the apprehension of driving and feeling confident again may require time and a bit of effort. Replacing your children’s car seats may provide you with some peace of mind knowing that new car seats may reinforce their protection.

Reasons to replace

Depending on the severity of your accident, you may notice that your child’s car seat is visibly damaged. However, sometimes even if it appears uncompromised at a surface level, the integrity of the structure may have suffered damage. If involved in another collision, a previously damaged car seat may not provide the optimal level of protection.

After you receive the accident investigation reports, it is wise to ask the insurance companies if they would provide a new car seat. Some insurance companies fully cover the cost of a new car seat depending on the circumstances of the accident. Never resell the old car seat from your accident. Following your accident, it is an excellent time to reiterate the importance of wearing a seatbelt and to double-check the correct installation of each car seat.

When to replace

Not all accidents require you to replace your child’s car seat. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it is unnecessary to replace your child’s seat following a minor accident. Defining a minor accident may vary depending on who you ask, but generally speaking, if no airbags deployed, you were able to drive your car away, no one suffered injuries and the door nearest your child’s seat is not damaged, a replacement car seat is not necessary.