What should I wear to be safe on a motorcycle?

Riding a motorcycle through the beautiful countryside of Tennessee is a fantastic time, but there is no doubt that riding a motorcycle carries risks that writing in a traditional passenger vehicle does not. Namely, wearing proper safety gear on the back of a motorcycle is of paramount importance.

Understanding how to dress appropriately for a motorcycle ride may save your life, or the life of your passenger. According to Ride Apart, you should have a full-face helmet, at minimum.

Why a full-face?

Ride Apart estimates that almost half of all impacts to motorcycle helmets are to the face and chin area. While wearing an open-face helmet is better than no helmet at all, it will not protect the face or chin from impact. On the other hand, a full-face helmet will provide you with protection from impact, and also help protect your eyes and ears from wind and sun exposure.

What else should I wear?

Having an appropriate motorcycle jacket is also essential. You need something that will protect you from road rash. There are many “motorcycle jackets” available for purchase at malls or through the internet, but you need to make sure that it is an actual motorcycle jacket and not a fashion motorcycle jacket. If you are buying a leather motorcycle jacket, it should be at least three millimeter thick.

Textile jackets are a good choice for those who do not want to invest in motorcycle leather. Additionally, textile jackets are available in a variety of bright colors, which will help you be more visible to drivers. You can also choose to purchase a mesh textile jacket if you regularly motorcycle in weather that is too hot for a leather jacket.