How can good health help prevent auto accident injury?

Employing common sense steps like wearing a seat belt and refraining from texting while driving may help keep you from suffering injury due to an accident caused by an irresponsible driver. There are other actions that could reduce your automobile injury chances, like maintaining your fitness to drive. 

Some people have physical deficiencies that keep them from noticing their surroundings or reacting in time to a reckless driver. The Harvard Medical School identifies some areas of physical health that you should pay attention to in order to stay a good driver. 

Correct vision

If you see a distracted driver swerve into your lane, you might turn to avoid the motorist just in time. Your vision, including your peripheral vision, should be close to normal. If you have sight problems, you may need glasses to correct your vision. If your sight becomes impaired due to a health condition or illness, you might require medication. 

Good hearing

Hearing problems can put you at risk on the road. You need to hear car horns, especially if another driver wants to alert you to a problem. You also should be able to hear police, fire engine and ambulance sirens, as you will have to move out of their way if needed. Strong hearing can also alert you to smaller vehicles with lower profiles, like when you hear the engine of a motorcycle. 

Active muscles and coordination

Muscle coordination is another key to good driving. You should have enough sensation in your legs and feet to allow for accelerating and braking. You also need to turn your neck to see what is behind you when you back your vehicle out. Conditions like back pain, neck pain and nerve problems can all interfere with these functions. Also, if you suffer a stroke, you may have persistent paralysis that can make operating a vehicle too dangerous.