What do you know about delayed injuries after a car accident?

You were in a minor fender bender recently while driving Tennessee’s roads. You felt fine in the incident’s immediate aftermath, but does that mean you have nothing to worry about? 

Metro Healthcare Partners explains delayed injury symptoms common after car accidents. Do not discount the possibility of a minor collision leading to major injuries. 

Back pain

Spend the next several days on the lookout for numbness, tingling and pain along your spine and back muscles. You could have a spinal injury, whiplash, soft tissue injury or herniated disc. Rather than take a few painkillers and see if the discomfort clears, have a doctor check you for underlying injuries. 


Just like back pain, do not discount headaches that you experience in the days following your accident. It may be nothing, or you may have a blood clot or head or neck injury. You may even have a traumatic brain injury. Either way, have yourself looked over by a medical professional sooner rather than later. 


You may associate whiplash with sharp pain, but the injury also manifests as numbness. Nerve damage may make your hands and arms go numb. Even if you do not have whiplash, an underlying health condition could cause numbness. Receive medical attention as soon as possible. 

Shoulder and neck pain

During motor vehicle accidents, the shoulders and neck absorb the brunt of the impact. You may not notice how much trauma these body parts sustain until several days after your collision. An X-ray or MRI may let you know if you have a spinal cord injury or whiplash.