How can you deal with a driver with road rage?

Dealing with an angry driver while trying to manage your own vehicle can leave you feeling frustrated and nervous.

However, learning the signs of road rage may allow you to minimize your time around these rude drivers.

Inappropriate gestures and shouting

According to Psychology Today, one of the most common forms of road rage is unprovoked and aggressive behavior toward other drivers. This may be covert or overt, depending on the personality of the person behind the wheel. Seeing someone swear or yell at you through a window, as well as noticing him or her honking repeatedly, are both signs of anger issues.

If a driver gestures rudely or flips a finger toward you, do not engage with him or her. Many people with road rage tend to escalate the situation, and may even step out of their vehicles to get closer and intimidate you more.

Reckless driving

Cutting corners on the road and driving through red lights are more signs of road rage. An angry driver’s need for control can lead aggressive tailgating and speeding. These reckless decisions put you in danger, and can even lead to a serious car crash.

If another person does not let you pass on the highway or continually moves into your lane while you are driving, try your best to not respond aggressively. Turn on soothing music and keep a safe distance from the driver. In some cases, you may need to let him or her pass you on the road. Road rage can come in many forms, and knowing how to deal with it safely be beneficial while driving.