Why are truck accidents often fatal for the other vehicle?

Some of the worst accidents on roads are those involving large trucks. These vehicles usually cause the most damage and destruction simply due to their size.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety explains that truck accidents are so devastating because of the size difference between the truck and other vehicles on the roads. There are several reasons why passenger vehicle occupants are most at risk for serious injury or death in an accident with a large truck.

Weight difference

Trucks weigh up to 30 times more than your vehicle. This difference means an impact will be immense. A truck is so heavy, it could drive over your vehicle if it was unable to stop and ran into you.

Height difference

In addition, the truck sits much higher than your vehicle. In fact, there is plenty of room for you to go under the truck. Unfortunately, you may be unable to go completely under the truck, and such an accident would take the top off of your vehicle.

Trucks do have guards on the rear to prevent underride accidents in the back, but the sides are usually open, leaving the risk for side underride accidents.

Braking difference

Another thing to note about large trucks is that they do not have the same capability to stop as passenger vehicles. It takes them more time due to their size to come to a complete stop. If you were to suddenly brake, a truck following you too closely would likely slam into your vehicle because it would not be able to stop in time.

Any accident with a truck will be serious for a passenger vehicle, so it is essential to watch out for these big vehicles and give them plenty of room.