How can fatigue endanger truck drivers?

A day on the road after a sleepless night may not seem as extreme as drinking and driving, but both choices can have the same consequence.

Truck accidents caused by driver fatigue are more serious than you may think.

Confuses others

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, many people fall asleep at the wheel due to lack of sleep. Not getting enough rest leads to worse control over your vehicle and a higher chance of a crash.

A truck driver may swerve and stop randomly as he or she tries to fight against falling asleep. This unpredictability can leave other people on the road fearful of what will happen next.

Slows reaction time

Part of the reason many professionals recommend pulling off the road and resting if you feel tired is that your reaction times slow down once you are drowsy.

Reacting quickly to an oncoming car or other surprise issue is an important part of safe truck driving. This can be even more dangerous if a trucker is speeding on the highway or another long stretch of road.

Endangers everyone on the road

Working long hours without any rest can lead to bad driving habits that put everyone at risk. Some truckers may even skip meals in order to go to their destination faster. The rush to fulfill any orders or deliveries on time can be deadly whenever the driver feels tired.

If you notice yourself yawning frequently or notice you have blurry vision, pull over. Drinking coffee or relying on the radio to keep you energized is not an effective way to deal with fatigue. Trucking accidents due to tiredness and fatigue can harm everyone involved.