Pileup in Western Tennessee kills doctor

A doctor who had served as a medical examiner for a metropolitan county in Western Tennessee died in a pileup collision on a major thoroughfare.

Authorities are continuing to investigate the accident, which involved three different vehicles.

In addition to the doctor who died, another person suffered serious injuries which required a transport to the hospital. However, it appeared that the second victim would survive the accident.  The accident happened in the mid-morning hours.

Drivers must be especially careful when operating in high-speed traffic

Pileups are common on interstate highways and other limited-access roads, where drivers are able to travel more quickly. Sadly, these pileups frequently lead to fatalities and serious injuries, often because vehicles are traveling quickly when they crash into each other.

Motorists all have to do their part to avoid chain-reaction crashes. They should obey the speed limit and make sure that they are attentive and alert.

Drivers should avoid distractions, whether related to technology or otherwise, and should also make sure that they have had enough rest. Of course, driving under the influence is always extremely dangerous and illegal.

Aside from just driving safely, Tennessee drivers should also be careful to watch for changes in weather conditions or in the flow of traffic. Many of the worst pileups happen in poor weather, such as heavy rain, fog or snow.

Drivers frequently forget to slow down and use extra caution in bad weather.

Unexpected heavy traffic, such as what one finds around a construction zone or a prior accident, can also cause a pileup if drivers do not watch what is going on ahead of them.

Pileups can be complicated accidents to investigate, and victims may find it challenging to get the compensation they deserve. Victims and their families should explore their legal options carefully.