Protections for victims of distracted drivers in Tennessee

It is not secret that distracted driving can lead to serious accidents that can result in serious injuries and other harm to victims of distracted driving-related accidents and their families. Victims of distracted drivers enjoy important legal protections they should be aware of in the wake of a distracted driving accident.

Distracted driving in Tennessee

During 2020, there were greater than 20,400 car accidents involving a distracted driver. On average, there were 55 distracted driving-related car accidents every day in Tennessee. One study has named Tennessee as having the highest rate of distracted driving deaths in the United States and as having nearly 5 times the national average of distracted driving-related deaths.

In Tennessee, it is illegal for drivers to hold a cell phone or mobile device with any part of their body. It is also illegal under Tennessee law to write, send or read any text communication. Drivers are also prohibited from reaching for a cell phone in a way that would remove them from the safe driving position. They are also prohibited from watching movies or recording videos while driving.

Relief for victims of distracted drivers

Distracted drivers may be considered negligent when they cause a car accident. What victims may be left with after being involved in an unexpected distracted driving-related car accident is a number of different damages including medical expenses, lost wages and emotional damages associated with being the victim of a car accident. Personal injury legal protections may be able to help victims recover compensation for their physical, financial and emotional damages from a distracted driver and are a legal resource victims should be familiar with.