Auto accident fatality statistics in Tennessee growing worse

Road dangers are ever-present in Tennessee. People who head out are not expecting to be in a motor vehicle accident, suffer injuries and lose their lives. Unfortunately, it does happen and, statistically, it is happening more frequently than it has in years past. Researchers, legislators and law enforcement assess these accidents to determine how and why they occur to find solutions to make the roads safer. One aspect of that is determining just how many accidents there are and how many people lose their lives. The numbers in the state are showing worrisome signs and people should be aware of them.

Tennessee road fatalities rise for the fourth consecutive year

According to recent statistics, the number of auto accident fatalities in Tennessee has risen for the fourth straight year. There are several factors that are being referenced as to why this is happening. With the ongoing national situation reducing traffic, drivers have been taking advantage of emptier roadways and less law enforcement to commit various violations. This includes speeding, driving recklessly and being distracted behind the wheel.

In 2021, there was an increase of more than 1,000 deaths in road accidents when compared to 2020. The total in 2021 has not surpassed 2020’s, but if the pace continues, it will do that by the end of the year. Anecdotal evidence from law enforcement emphasizes how speeding and losing control of the vehicle is a significant problem. These drivers are not only colliding with other vehicles, but they are hitting pedestrians. Since pedestrians are unprotected, their vulnerability leaves them at risk for catastrophic injuries and death. One incident saw a driver exceeding 100 mph in a construction zone. This is an example of the possible dangers that can lead to a crash.

Determining how to proceed after an auto accident may require legal assistance

After motor vehicle accidents, people may be confronted with an uncertain future. This is true even if they survive the crash. Being injured in a collision can result in medical costs, the need for long-term care, lost wages and a negative impact on family members whose lives will be dramatically different as they help caring for a loved one. Insurance companies might offer a settlement that sounds reasonable on the surface. Once the total costs are calculated, it might be insufficient. From the start, it is wise to have professional guidance to assess the case, gather evidence and receive a fair amount to cover for all that was lost.