Delayed injuries from a car accident

When a person is in a car accident, he or she might have bruises, scrapes or cuts that are immediately visible. However, he or she can also experience delayed injuries and there is helpful information available about the signs to look for.

Whiplash injuries

Whiplash is caused by rapid back and forth movement of a person’s neck, often the result of a rear-end car accident. As a result of the whiplash, the person can also suffer from a headache in the several days following the accident. A headache can indicate a serious injury like a blood clot or a concussion.

Neck and shoulder pain is also a common symptom associated with an accident. These injuries may require an x-ray or scan by a physician to determine the extent of the injury.

If the person has damage to his neck or spinal column, he or she could also experience numbness or tingling in their hands, feet and arms.

Back and abdominal pain

Back pain that happens after an accident could be a sign of an injury to the person’s spine. Abdominal pain may indicate internal bleeding which very serious. Bruising, fainting and dizziness can indicate internal bleeding and it needs to be treated quickly by a medical professional.

Also, one lesser-known injury is post-traumatic stress disorder. The person who is in an accident can have flashbacks, vivid memories and personality changes as a result of the incident.

If a person is in a car accident, he or she may have large medical expenses and may lose time from work in order to heal. An experienced attorney can provide guidance and pursue compensation on his or her behalf.