Did poor truck maintenance cause your accident?

Most personal injury cases stemming from a truck accident focus on the actions of the trucker. This is because in many instances a trucker’s negligence is the direct cause of the accident in question. Such actions might include speeding, texting and driving, or even driving while intoxicated. But there can be other factors that cause a truck accident, and each of them can still justify legal action, even if the trucker in question was driving the vehicle in a safe fashion at the time of the accident.

The dangers of improper truck maintenance

Poor truck maintenance is one of those characteristics that can lead to a devastating truck accident. A truck’s tire might blow out causing the truck to swerve into oncoming traffic or causing shredded tire to strike nearby vehicles, and brakes might fail such that a big rig can’t stop in time to avoid a rear-end collision. These poorly maintained systems, and others such as steering and lighting, can each create a dangerous situation that puts innocent motorists at risk of harm.

Maintenance requirements

Fortunately, the federal government requires truckers and their employers to perform routine inspections on their rigs. Truckers, for example, are supposed to perform post-trip inspections and report any defects to the truck’s owner. The truck company is then supposed to repair those defects before the truck can be driven again. Each semi-truck is also supposed to be subjected to a thorough annual inspection that assesses every system of the rig to ensure its safety.

Using maintenance records in your personal injury case

If you suspect that a poorly maintained truck is the cause of your accident, then you’ll want to gain access to inspection reports and maintenance records. If these documents show any missed inspections or defects that went unrepaired, then you can use those records as evidence to support your personal injury claim.

We know that navigating the legal nuances of your case can be stressful and confusing. But don’t worry. Skilled legal professionals like those at our firm stand ready to guide you through the process so that you stand the best chance possible of recovering what you’re owed.