Knowing how motorcycle accidents occur can help prevent them

The weather is warming up in Tennessee and people will start spending more time outside enjoying it. This also means that more and more people will be riding motorcycles throughout the state. This can be a very thrilling and enjoyable way to travel, but there are certain dangers associated with riding motorcycles that people do not experience when driving other types of motorcycles.

When riding a motorcycle, riders and their passengers have very little protection between them and the road. If they are involved in a motorcycle accident, the riders are the ones that usually suffer the most severe injuries. There are many different ways that motorcycle accidents occur, but some are more common than others.

Common causes of motorcycle accidents

Some of the common reasons for motorcycle accidents are:

  • Other motor vehicles taking a left turn in front of a motorcycle without having enough room to do so safely. This may be because they did not judge the rider’s speed well or simply did not see the rider due to the smaller size of the vehicle.
  • Improper lane changes by other vehicles who do not check their blind spot well enough to see the motorcycle before changing lanes.
  • Being rear-ended by another vehicle.
  • Other drivers open their car door without seeing a motorcycle coming up from behind them.

All of these types of accidents are also more likely to happen than with other vehicles because they are smaller and drivers may simply fail to see them as they are looking for larger vehicles on the road.

It is important that all drivers in Tennessee are aware that they will be seeing more and more motorcycles on the road. They need to take an extra look before turning lanes and other basic moves made while driving. If they do not and cause a motorcycle accident, they may be liable for paying the damages suffered by the motorcyclist. Experienced attorneys understand how devastating motorcycle accidents can be for riders and may be able to help them receive what they deserve.