Driving safely as a motorcyclist in Tennessee

Many Tennessee residents enjoy motorcycling on the state’s roads and highways, enjoying the state’s beautiful scenery and landscape. Motorcycling is not only a form of transportation, but also a favored hobby for many people.

Tennessee motorcyclists should have a thorough understanding of the state’s motorcycle laws. This is important because Tennessee uses a modified comparative negligence standard in personal injury cases. This means if you are found to be more than 50% at fault in an accident, you cannot recover any damages at all.

Some basic motorcycle safety laws

Tennessee law requires all motorcyclists to wear a safety helmet and eye protection unless the motorcycle has a windshield. Daytime headlights must always be used, and motorcycles must have a muffler, rearview mirror and footrests. Motorcyclists who carry passengers must have passenger seating and footrest.

Lane splitting is prohibited. This occurs when a motorcycle is ridden between traffic lanes when traffic is traveling in the same direction. This can increase the chance of an accident, and if a motorcyclist was found to have been lane splitting, their chances of compensation if an accident occurs may decrease.

Drivers must share the road with motorcyclists

Drivers on the road are also expected to follow the laws and drive in a safe and prudent manner. Sometimes drivers may become annoyed with motorcyclists and feel that they should not have to share the road with them, but this is not true. Motorcyclists have just as much of a right to be on the road as all other drivers, and drivers should be keeping a lookout for motorcyclists as part of driving safely.

Motorcycle accident victims usually suffer extremely serious or life-threatening injuries. This can mean high medical costs, lost wages, and extreme pain and suffering for a victim and their family. Adhering to these laws and operating your motorcycle in a safe manner can help you build a case if you sustain a personal injury after an accident.