2 good reasons for prompt medical care following a car crash

You rarely see a car crash coming, or if you do, it is already too late to avoid the violent impact. Even if you are the victim of a minor rear-end collision and feel OK afterward, it is wise to seek prompt medical attention for two very good reasons.

The violent impact of a vehicle crash is a great shock to the human body, and it responds by releasing chemicals, such as adrenalin. For example, if you are the victim of a low-speed, rear-end collision, you may walk away, apparently with only minor bumps and bruises. However, the adrenalin can hide pain and injury symptoms—which is why your next stop should be a doctor’s office.

Reason 1

Symptoms of a more serious injury might not appear for hours or even days after a vehicle crash. Your wellbeing is the first reason to seek prompt medical attention. A doctor can determine whether you have an underlying injury and begin treatment that can head off potentially related issues down the road.

Reason 2

As the victim of a vehicle crash, you have the right to anticipate a full and fair settlement to cover your current and future medical expenses, lost wages and more. The second reason for prompt medical care concerns the medical report from your doctor, which provides a diagnosis and recommended treatment. Equally important, it ties your injury directly to the car crash. An advocate working with the insurance company on your behalf will see that the medical report accompanies your claim and helps in obtaining the maximum compensation you deserve.