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Create A Solid Future For Your Business

Businesses require extensive long-term planning and foresight. From the inception of your business, you may need to consider many different issues such as lengthy rental agreements, incorporation documents and bylaws, vendor contracts and employee agreements. Any one of these documents, if improperly drafted, could lead to a lengthy and very expensive conflict in the future. Our job is to avoid these pitfalls at the commencement of your business so as to avoid problems which may arise.

At Jenkins Dedmon Hayes Law Group LLP, our attorneys work together to create a business plan or a resolution strategy that works for you and your enterprise. Our extensive experience and knowledge are an invaluable resource to a successful business. Particularly, our extensive experience in the area of business litigation allows us to foresee various problems which may arise and allows us to craft documents at the inception of your business so as to avoid these potential land mines. Let us be your guiding force. Email us today.

Comprehensive Business Law Services

When you are planning for the future or resolving conflict, a qualified attorney has the information and tools you need. Our attorneys have over 100 years of experience helping resolve business law conflicts across Tennessee and Missouri. We provide extensive legal services and draw on a century’s worth of knowledge to assist you in:

  • Managing and drafting employee and contractor agreements
  • Reviewing breach of contract allegations
  • Leveraging your negotiating power during conflict
  • Approaching litigation confidently and with the understanding of the potential problems which may arise during the course of any such litigation

Set your business up for success. Whether you are just beginning or have years of business experience, our firm has the wherewithal to assist you and create a plan tailored to your business’s needs.

A Business Community Resource You Can Trust

We are effective attorneys who understand the value of a legal team that prioritizes your needs. We evaluate each case as the unique situation it is and provide you with a strategy to help your business thrive. You can schedule an appointment with our attorneys online or by calling 731-259-6100.