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Are You In The Midst Of An Employment Law Dispute?

Employers are obligated by law to maintain certain employment standards and practices. A violation of those obligations is grounds for a lawsuit. As an employee or employer, if you are struggling with illegal employment policies or practices, or allegations thereof, there are some things you should know.

Most importantly, you have a right to legal counsel. If you believe your employer is violating your rights as an employee, you have the right to counsel without employer retaliation. Seeking legal help, regardless of your role in the dispute should be one of your first steps. Early legal help can make a significant difference in evidence collection and dispute strategy. Reach Jenkins Dedmon Hayes Law Group LLP for help by calling us directly at 731-259-6100.

Experienced Litigators And Negotiators

Our attorneys have over a century of litigation experience in areas as diverse as simple collection matters to complex class action litigation. They are fantastic negotiators who are often able to find amicable solutions before court intervention becomes necessary. If litigation does, however, become necessary, they are fierce advocates capable of representing you in court with the experience that years of this type of work commands.

We routinely assist clients with issues involving:

  • Discrimination, including those involving sex, gender, race and other protected classes
  • Denial of wages and unpaid overtime
  • Harassment and unsafe workplace allegations
  • Breach of contract and other employee classification issues

Feel confident in your position. Our experienced employment attorneys stand by your side throughout legal disputes and can find the ideal solution for you.

Reach Our Firm Today

You can contact Jenkins Dedmon Hayes Law Group LLP and speak with our attorneys by calling our office at 731-259-6100 or by sending an email. As a Tennessee employer or worker, there are solutions. Let us come to your aid.