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Provide A Plan For Your Loved Ones

No one likes to talk about death or what their loved ones should do and prioritize at death, however, one of the greatest gifts you can leave your loved ones is a well-crafted and thoughtful plan to resolve your property issues. Estate planning is a vital way to ensure your property is managed as you see fit. You have worked hard for your money and property, and it should be managed with your priorities and desires in mind.

There is no substitute for personalized care and attentive legal planning. At Jenkins Dedmon Hayes Law Group LLP, we provide individuals across Tennessee and Missouri with the means to plan effectively and to execute that plan. Reach our firm today and ask us how our attorney’s century’s worth of experience benefits you.

What Is Important To You?

Our attorneys put your priorities first. When helping facilitate your estate plan, we help you identify what is most important and facilitate your wishes. We ask the important questions, like:

  • What does your full estate look like, including investments and retirement accounts?
  • Are there any complicating factors to consider in your plan?
  • Do you want to include any donations or endowments in your plan?
  • Will a will or a trust best accommodate your needs?

And when the day comes to administer your estate plan, we are a guiding presence during and throughout the probate process.

Focused On The Future Today

Begin creating a personally tailored estate plan today. Email our firm, or call us at 731-259-6100.