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Comprehensive Care For Motor Vehicle Accident Victims

We have all seen the accidents on the side of the road, the ambulance lights flashing and police sirens blaring. When you are in a crash, your life is thrown into chaos. Road accidents often cause serious and life-altering injuries that require intensive medical care and that become worse over time. When your injury impacts your life, you have legal options. But the road to recovery is long and can be legally complicated. Jenkins Dedmon Hayes Law Group LLP is your committed guide.

Our attorneys have over a century of combined experience helping individuals and families like you get the full coverage to which you are entitled. Reach out today.

How We Help You Maintain Your Quality Of Life

We ensure you get the best possible injury settlement or verdict and that you have the resources for your recovery. This includes:

  • Ensuring your settlement accounts for ongoing medical care, including for injuries that manifest after the fact
  • Fully accounting for your long-term care, any rehabilitation services you may need and any adaptive technologies like wheelchairs or prosthetics
  • Providing for your lost wages and, if you are the primary caregiver in your home, any necessary child care substitutes

Initially, insurance companies can seem helpful and accommodating. However, they often intentionally undervalue the true cost of an injury and necessary care. Your seemingly generous settlement offer may be doing you a serious disservice. The only way to truly ensure your settlement is comprehensive is through an attorney’s review.

Jenkins Dedmon Hayes Law Group LLP Stands By Your Side

We prepare your case for court from the very beginning. This gives us the best leverage possible and ensures we can advocate for you easily if insurance companies are unwilling to negotiate. For experienced, dedicated legal help in Tennessee, call us at 731-259-6100.