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Trucking Accidents Cause Complicated Recoveries

As you drive down the highway, you hear a large screech. The car comes to a halting stop and you see the cab of a truck. Before you know it, you are in an emergency room for a major injury. Who will pay for the sudden medical expenses? What happens now that you are unable to go to work?

Trucking accidents have many added complications. Instead of a smaller, individual insurance company policy, trucking companies invest significant amounts of money into insurance, and they have the resources to obfuscate the truth. We have the skill and knowledge to keep insurance companies honest. Call Jenkins Dedmon Hayes Law Group LLP at 731-259-6100.

Why Truck Accident Injuries Require Extra Legal Skill

Right now, you are likely struggling to recover. Trucks are like sledgehammers on the road. They cause serious damage and can shatter your health. Truck accident victims contend with significantly more severe injuries than a regular car crash, all in addition to both trucking company reluctance and insurance company lawyers.

We help ensure that trucking and insurance companies live up to their obligations by:

  • Establishing if any trucking regulations were violated, including driver fatigue and improper maintenance
  • Accounting for all of your injuries, including the long-term care needed to recover
  • Crafting a legal strategy to best represent you

You deserve proper care and access to resources you need to maintain your quality of life. Our attorneys help you obtain the best possible settlement.

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