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Tennessee and Federal tax law has become increasingly complicated over the course of time. Our lawyers have extensive experience with these matters. Indeed, one of our attorneys has received an extra two years of legal training to deal with these complex and often difficultly navigable areas of the law. Because tax laws are already complicated, these differences can lead to complex questions without a clear answer. As experienced tax law attorneys, Jenkins Dedmon Hayes Law Group LLP can guide you through the Tax Code.

Our attorneys treat your tax needs with care and personalized attention. Do not try to solve your tax issues alone. We have experienced attorneys with advanced education in the Tax Code. Reach our firm at 731-259-6100.

Effective Legal Services For Tax Law Issues

The Internal Revenue Service has all the power in tax issues. They conduct the audits and evaluate what you owe. As an individual or business, the IRS can seem like a Goliath you cannot defeat. Our attorneys have over 100 years of experience between them. We can help you:

  • Evaluate your tax obligations and answer your questions
  • Explain your rights during audit and other IRS proceedings
  • Establish your case in court or during negotiations
  • Advocate for you and your needs, including through appeals

The Tax Code has many nuances for a reason: to account for the variety of different situations and circumstances in which people live. Our firm helps you navigate through complex tax rules and procedures and finds resolutions that work.

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Do you have a question about the Tax Code? Are you being audited? Are you unable to pay your back taxes? There are legal solutions. Email our firm today for more information.